New album “Best of Two” now available!

In our 11 year history we’ve written, performed and published over 40 original songs. We took 15 of them and made Best of Two, our third full length release combining ska, reggae, funk, rock, soulful r&b, afrobeat, and klezmer. Danceable, listenable, enjoyable original music.

The month of September of 2004 inspired us to set in motion a series of events that would forever change the local ska music scene – for the better. Trumpet player Bryce Blilie and trombonist Bob Strootman tagged long time guitarist Matt Bertrand, fanatical and phenomenal trombonist and singer Eric Johnson, superb bassist Dan Arlig and hard hitting drummer Ryan Lodgaard to complete the experiment.
We’ve produced 3 albums, performed over 100 local shows at bars and clubs, played during half time of Minnesota Roller Girls (all girl roller derby) matches, joined other acts at the “FistFull of Ska” ska fest in Des Moines Iowa, opened for The English Beat, and was a sponsored artist on the soundtrack for an internationally syndicated TV series “Veronica Mars”.

We were also members ska bands back in the 90’s such as Suspect Bill, 3 Minute Hero, and Ten Cent Fun, hence the “secondhand” reference in our name.

From Matt’s densely rhythmic stylings to Eric’s smooth vocals this album encompasses our song writing aspirations and ventures into new genres outside of the standard set of ska/reggae/dancehall. We immensely enjoy all forms of music, and our recorded performances of original music perfectly illustrates our hard work and dedication.

11 years and 40+ original songs later with the help of producer Jonathan TeBeest we present to you, Best of Two.


The Secondhand Ska Kings are:
Eric Johnson – lead singer & trombone
Bob Strootman – trombone & vocals
Ryan Lodgaard – drums & aux percussion
Dan Arlig – bass
Matt Bertrand – guitar & vocals
Bryce Blilie – trumpet & vocals

Special thanks to producer Jonathan TeBeest, woodwinder Paul Gronert, song master Greg Reirson and illustrator Alex Pederson for all the extra time and sacrifice that went into creating this one of a kind work of art.

All the songs.

We’ve been around for nearly 11 years, and in that time we’ve written and performed over 40 songs. I say over 40 because I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few from this list.

  1. Guiness is Good
  2. Swing Kids
  3. Firestarter
  4. No More Guitars
  5. It Take Money
  6. Castaway
  7. Poster Child
  8. Without Me, Without You
  9. Shock Collar
  10. Carrie
  11. Slow and Comfortable
  12. Pop’s Video Arcade
  13. State of Confusion
  14. Congo Square
  15. Your Way
  16. Rebound
  17. Over
  18. Good Dog All Day
  19. Not That Kind
  20. 400 Miles
  21. Ruder Than You
  22. Chinese Newspaper
  23. Immediacy
  24. Make Trouble
  25. Cheap Trixx
  26. Texahoma
  27. Avalanche
  28. Cosplay Delight
  29. Sterling
  30. Millionaire
  31. Two Controllers, No Friends
  32. Best of Two
  33. My Annelise
  34. Bad Decision
  35. Learn to Love It
  36. Robots and Time Machines
  37. Horse Designer
  38. The Great Entertainer
  39. Happy Alone
  40. Greatest Day to Die Volume 1

Street Fighter IV power rankings

1 – Eric
2 – Loddy
3 – Bryce
4 – Bob
5 – Dan
6 – Matt*

Tough one this week as the typical winners were losing and the typical losers were winning.

Fifth place is more relevant than first, this week. Dan doesn’t deserve fifth, but others deserve it only slightly less.

Dan and Bryce pulled off some upsets, Loddy lost consecutive matches but so did Bryce, Bob didn’t have a great day losing to everyone at least once, and so really Eric gets the cup by a tiny margin.

*Not present

Power thingy, 10/24/2013

This week’s power rankings sponsored by Guinness and Miller Lite.

With the stakes raised and a Vikings uniform on the line, most competitors embraced Best of Two with extra Gusto this week.

Bob and Eric has some epic battles with the ending #1 ranking not being determined until the final match of the night

Matt channeled his inner rage like only mat can.

Darlig actually managed to win a fight without knowing which character he was. That’s worthy of some form of special recognition

Loddy? I’d say Loddy tried, but that would be giving him an awful lot of credit he didn’t earn.

Rankings are as follows:

#1 (Quarterback) – Bob
#2 (Extra Wide Receiver) – E-rock
#3 (Left Wing) – Mad mad mad mad Matty Bertrandy
#4 (Fluffer) – Loddy
#5 (Goalie) – Darrrrrrrghlig
#6 (Mascot) – An Empty Chair
#7 (Failhammer) – Bryce “I forgot I had to do… a… thing” Blylie

More tracks going down for the album next week.

Big ska show at the Memory Lanes tomorrow night – Umbrella Bed, Drunk History, The Thundertones and Vigilante Superego. Go to it.

Srt Fghtr Fr Pwr Rnkngs 10/16/2013

This weeks power rankings brought to us by New Belgium variety pack and a 10-pack of Coors Silver Bullet shaped like a shitty looking football – or something.

1 – Loddy, I guess.
2 – Hmm, Eric?
3.14159265359 – Bob? Sure.
4 – Bryce and Matt.
5 – Darlig.*
6 – Dan Fouts*
7 – Doug Flutie*

If we could only stop trying to talk about the stupid Bo2 constitution long enough we might get better at beating Loddy. I beat Bob, that was exciting, and Matt beat Loddy, which was also a relief and exciting. Loddy beat me with Rufus, with Rufus.

In other news, the quorum committee has voted to elect in a runoff a new Chief Justice of Foreign Country Affairs and Donuts and has chosen Ska Bill to lead the committee and be the judge guy. Whenever we have a constitutional crisis, as is often the case when someone is lapped, we summon Ska Bill. He has yet to show up, BUT, we imagine what he might say and then we move on because we forgot.

NEW RULE: If you haven’t lost a game in a long time, the other players get to choose your character.

Anyways, did you know also play in a band?


Street Fighter IV Power Rankings for 10/10/13

This weeks power rankings brought to you by Sam Adams Fall Pack of Autumn related tasting kinda beers, and Black Label Blackalicious.

  1. Ryan “Shut ’em Down” Loddy
  2. Eric “Sniffles” Johnson
  3. Bob “Lives here” Strootman
  4. Matthew “What?” Bertrand
  5. Bryce and Dan
  6. Sheriff Bart
  7. Mongo
  8. The Waco Kid


Its our first ever tie for the power rankings! No one thought it was possible, but there it is in plain text for the world to bear witness.

Everyone is getting better. I was lapped, but lost the second match by very little nearly every time (trust me!). Dan was almost lapped. Ryan didn’t lose and Eric had some good games. Bob played like shit in the second half and Matt was the destroyer of things, but not by enough, enough of the time.

I always want Matt to beat Loddy.

Some moves never fail


Power rankings 9/26/2013

This weeks SFIV power rankings brought to you by… nobody! Our drummer who was supposed to bring beer thought it was Tuesday. We had to drink Bobs leftover Leini’s Berrywiess. It was awful.

1 – Eric
2 – Bob
3 – Bryce
4 – Dan
5 – Matt
6 – Scooter P Coletrane
99 – Loddy*

Scott finally showed up to a rehearsal for the first time in about 5 years! I guess this means he’s back in the band.

The power rankings are based on a number of factors, most of which I can’t remember when I’m making them, BUT there are a number of them. Here’s a small sample of the inputs in the complex calculations taking place every week;

– Style. Did the player just randomly push everything he could think of or was there somewhat of an overall strategy?
– Blocking. Did the player put up any kind of defense or was he just hoping to land that combo move?
– Entertainment. Did the player provide the rest of us with an interesting match or was it just a lot of standing around punching?
– Loddy-ing. Did the player use the same move over and over and over again or was there some variability in his overall offense? See also, style.
– Finishing. Theres nothing more satisfying than the face biting finish move, or the dirt murder. Did the player finish the match strong or was just a business as usual crotch kick?

So you see, its not just about winning and losing. Its about impressing me, Bryce, the guy who Bob bugs every Thursday morning to write this.

Did you know we also play in a band?

*Has a calendar at work, on his phone, on his computer and on his Facebook, but can’t remember what day it is.


We’ll be 2500 feet underground at Club Underground

FISTFUL OF SKA! MAY 24-26, 2013


In conjunction with The Corp SC’s HOSTILE TAKEOVER III rally, FISTFUL OF SKA will feature:




Sponsored by JUMP UP RECORDS!

Gas Lamp

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