Srt Fghtr Fr Pwr Rnkngs 10/16/2013

This weeks power rankings brought to us by New Belgium variety pack and a 10-pack of Coors Silver Bullet shaped like a shitty looking football – or something.

1 – Loddy, I guess.
2 – Hmm, Eric?
3.14159265359 – Bob? Sure.
4 – Bryce and Matt.
5 – Darlig.*
6 – Dan Fouts*
7 – Doug Flutie*

If we could only stop trying to talk about the stupid Bo2 constitution long enough we might get better at beating Loddy. I beat Bob, that was exciting, and Matt beat Loddy, which was also a relief and exciting. Loddy beat me with Rufus, with Rufus.

In other news, the quorum committee has voted to elect in a runoff a new Chief Justice of Foreign Country Affairs and Donuts and has chosen Ska Bill to lead the committee and be the judge guy. Whenever we have a constitutional crisis, as is often the case when someone is lapped, we summon Ska Bill. He has yet to show up, BUT, we imagine what he might say and then we move on because we forgot.

NEW RULE: If you haven’t lost a game in a long time, the other players get to choose your character.

Anyways, did you know also play in a band?


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