Street Fighter IV Power Rankings for 10/10/13

This weeks power rankings brought to you by Sam Adams Fall Pack of Autumn related tasting kinda beers, and Black Label Blackalicious.

  1. Ryan “Shut ’em Down” Loddy
  2. Eric “Sniffles” Johnson
  3. Bob “Lives here” Strootman
  4. Matthew “What?” Bertrand
  5. Bryce and Dan
  6. Sheriff Bart
  7. Mongo
  8. The Waco Kid


Its our first ever tie for the power rankings! No one thought it was possible, but there it is in plain text for the world to bear witness.

Everyone is getting better. I was lapped, but lost the second match by very little nearly every time (trust me!). Dan was almost lapped. Ryan didn’t lose and Eric had some good games. Bob played like shit in the second half and Matt was the destroyer of things, but not by enough, enough of the time.

I always want Matt to beat Loddy.

Some moves never fail


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