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New album “Best of Two” now available!

In our 11 year history we’ve written, performed and published over 40 original songs. We took 15 of them and made Best of Two, our third full length release combining ska, reggae, funk, rock, soulful r&b, afrobeat, and klezmer. Danceable, listenable, enjoyable original music. The month of September of 2004 inspired us to set in motion a series of events… (more…)

All the songs.

We’ve been around for nearly 11 years, and in that time we’ve written and performed over 40 songs. I say over 40 because I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few from this list. Guiness is Good Swing Kids Firestarter No More Guitars It Take Money Castaway Poster Child Without Me, Without You Shock Collar Carrie Slow and Comfortable Pop’s Video Arcade… (more…)

Street Fighter IV power rankings

1 – Eric 2 – Loddy 3 – Bryce 4 – Bob 5 – Dan 6 – Matt* Tough one this week as the typical winners were losing and the typical losers were winning. Fifth place is more relevant than first, this week. Dan doesn’t deserve fifth, but others deserve it only slightly less. Dan and Bryce pulled off some… (more…)

Power thingy, 10/24/2013

This week’s power rankings sponsored by Guinness and Miller Lite. With the stakes raised and a Vikings uniform on the line, most competitors embraced Best of Two with extra Gusto this week. Bob and Eric has some epic battles with the ending #1 ranking not being determined until the final match of the night Matt channeled his inner rage like… (more…)

Power rankings 9/26/2013

This weeks SFIV power rankings brought to you by… nobody! Our drummer who was supposed to bring beer thought it was Tuesday. We had to drink Bobs leftover Leini’s Berrywiess. It was awful. 1 – Eric 2 – Bob 3 – Bryce 4 – Dan 5 – Matt 6 – Scooter P Coletrane 99 – Loddy* Scott finally showed up… (more…)

We’ll be 2500 feet underground at Club Underground

We’re playing at the Triple Rock and it’s with The Toasters

It’s our biggest gig of the year! Tickets Available Here 18+ | 9:00 PM | $12.00

Secondhand Ska Kings opening up for Mama Digdown’s Brass Band

Mama Digdown’s is back at the Nomad!!!! Get ready to dance and party. Secondhand Ska Kings Open. $8 8:00 Doors 9:00 Show Time Mama Digdown’s Brass Band Secondhand Ska Kings

Secondhand Ska Kings, Rocksteady Breakfast and Oliver Quincy at the Nether Bar in Minneapolis

Doors at 8pm Music at 9pm Only $6 and it’s 18+ You know that place in downtown they USED to call the Brick? Yeah it’s gone now and has been renovated into Mill City Nights. The Nether Bar is located in the BASMENT! This venue is just starting up so let’s pack this place! Secondhand Ska Kings Rocksteady Breakfast Oliver… (more…)