We’re playing at the Triple Rock and it’s with The Toasters

It’s our biggest gig of the year!

Tickets Available Here

18+ | 9:00 PM | $12.00

Secondhand Ska Kings opening up for Mama Digdown’s Brass Band

Mama Digdown’s is back at the Nomad!!!! Get ready to dance and party. Secondhand Ska Kings Open.

8:00 Doors
9:00 Show Time

Mama Digdown’s Brass Band

Secondhand Ska Kings

Secondhand Ska Kings, Rocksteady Breakfast and Oliver Quincy at the Nether Bar in Minneapolis

Doors at 8pm Music at 9pm
Only $6 and it’s 18+

You know that place in downtown they USED to call the Brick? Yeah it’s gone now and has been renovated into Mill City Nights. The Nether Bar is located in the BASMENT! This venue is just starting up so let’s pack this place!

Secondhand Ska Kings
Rocksteady Breakfast
Oliver Quincy

Mill City Nights – 111 5th St. North – Minneapolis, MN 55403

September 1st, Saturday night, Club Underground, 11pm

*Outdoor event “Northeast Block Party”
*12pm – 1am location is at Spring st. and Monroe in the parking lot of Spring Street Tavern
*pre sales available @vitalculture.com

*Headlining Acts
12:00 Awkward Bodies
1:15 Maria Isa
2:30 Rocksteady Breakfast
3:45 Sean Anonymous
5:00 Thought Thieves
6:15 Tribe & Big Cats
7:30 Rockford Mules
8:45 Toki Wright
Shannon Blowtorch
DJ kool Hanz
SoSupreme through out,
Master of Cerimonies Gus Lynch

10:00 pretty ugly
11:00 second hand ska kings

sponsored by:
Spring Street Tavern
Grain Belt
Red Bull
High Grade Systems
Green light Productions


10th-Mar-2009 01:45 pm – Recording and the pursuit of happiness.

Last Friday the Ska Kings headed into the studio with what seemed at the time to be a dubious task. Recording rhythm, horns and vox all in 2 and 1/3 days. Could we do it? At the very least the goal was to get Ryan and Cruzer on tape(disk) as they would be unavailable due to G-Dub’s war. I’m happy to say that not only did we get them tracked, we got everyone tracked. All that’s left at this point is adding some aux percussion and mixing/leveling by committee.

Perhaps needless to mention is how exhausted I am from tracking this last album. I wasn’t there every waking minute, but to put things in a loose perspective, consider this:
– Listen to your favorite 11 tracks that you know by heart; that is, beat, lyrics, solos, horn lines, guitar part
– Listen to each one approximately 9 or 10 times in the span of an hour paying attention to a different part each time
– Now perform 3-4 takes of each song playing each note as flawlessly as possible
– Do this perfectly with 2-3 other people all playing perfectly, if one messes up it might mean another take
– Sit for 3-4 hours listening to the other people doing the same songs
– Sing a few of the songs(perfectly and in tune) lead part
– Sing backup on the same or other songs
– Arrive early the next morning to do the same thing
– Repeat as necessary

Now, I’m not whining by any means. It’s absolute joy when a song comes together and is exciting while you are recording it. It’s your chance, you see, to make a mark on the world. However, not only will your friends/peers/family listen to it and tell you it was “good”, YOU have to listen to it over and over. YOU have to be happy enough with it to not hate it in 3-4 months, because after that you definitely will.

I am happy with my performance. Happy, not excited or blazingly proud. And I think that’s just going to be how it is with me.  Which, at the end of the day, isn’t a horrible thing. It’s the thing that keeps me practicing, trying, keep on keepin on.  Sounds lame, but Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Bill of Rights “the pursuit of happiness” for just such a purpose. Wow… ok that’s good with all that.

Cocktails Before Funerals*
The Secondhand Ska Kings

1 – 400 Miles
2 – Ruder Than You
3 – Not That Kind
4 – Immediacy
5 – Good Dog
6 – Make Trouble
7 – Cheap Trixx
8 – The Ballad of Texahoma
9 – Over
10 – Chinese Newspaper
11 – Rebound

* Working Title

Tallgrass Brewing Company presents: Rocksteady Breakfast, Stop Drop, Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus and the Secondhand Ska Kings!

On Friday May 18th the Nomad World Pub, Tallgrass Brewing Company and MNSKA bring you:

Rocksteady Breakfast
Stop Drop
Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus (Michigan)
Secondhand Ska Kings

21+/ 9:30pm Music

The Secondhand Ska Kings are the unofficial ska band of the MN Stars


AND we are playing the tailgating party before the home opener on April 7th. You(sir, I’m pointing in your direction) should totally go. There’s going to be free Surly beer and then some great Footie in the Metrodome after that.

Also, we’re going to play with a backup bass player named “Tank”

The tailgating is free to current and future Stars fans, but to see the game cost $5 for all ages general admission.

Come on out, drink the beer, and dance the ska. As the refined JIM Oliver once said “I forgot how well beer and ska go together. This is great.”

Wait, another gig at the Driftwood Char Bar?


Oh yes. It’s time again once more once, for a gig at the Driftwood CharBar.Nocover, some beers, and skay. Get on up.

Saturday March 24 9:30

No Cover.

No Milwaukee Best Special Reserve, because it’s utterly horrible beer.


Ska Kings back at the ‘wood Feb 10

Yes, it’s true. The massive internet buzz is correct. The Secondhand Ska Kings are playing at the Driftwood Char Bar FRIDAY February 10th, and it’s going to be an amazing, awe inspiring event.

Special guests include TBD, N/A, Those other guys, and That One Band with the Singer.(this information subject to change without prior consent or notice)

Don’t miss it! No cover charge! However, you may be asked to donate a dollar to the “buy the band a pitcher of beer” fund, sponsored by the handy and courteous Char Bar wait staff.

Also, as noted in a previous post, we did play there on NYE 2011. There’s actually video footage of it by master VLogger and videograhper Chris Cope. No, not the wrestler, the one who grew up in Bloomington MN and learned Welsh and moved to Wales. THAT Chris Cope(he’s awesome) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izyBDSrST6o


New Years Eve 2011 set to be the greatest eve of 2011

We finally got a NYE gig! Will be playing at the Driftwood Char Bar in South Minneapolis on December 31st. No cover? Yeah, no cover and we go on around 10:30 in the pm.

Driftwood Char Bar map and details