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Srt Fghtr Fr Pwr Rnkngs 10/16/2013

This weeks power rankings brought to us by New Belgium variety pack and a 10-pack of Coors Silver Bullet shaped like a shitty looking football – or something. 1 – Loddy, I guess. 2 – Hmm, Eric? 3.14159265359 – Bob? Sure. 4 – Bryce and Matt. 5 – Darlig.* 6 – Dan Fouts* 7 – Doug Flutie* If we could only… (more…)

Street Fighter IV Power Rankings for 10/10/13

This weeks power rankings brought to you by Sam Adams Fall Pack of Autumn related tasting kinda beers, and Black Label Blackalicious. Ryan “Shut ’em Down” Loddy Eric “Sniffles” Johnson Bob “Lives here” Strootman Matthew “What?” Bertrand Bryce and Dan Sheriff Bart Mongo The Waco Kid   Its our first ever tie for the power rankings! No one thought it… (more…)