Power rankings 9/26/2013

This weeks SFIV power rankings brought to you by… nobody! Our drummer who was supposed to bring beer thought it was Tuesday. We had to drink Bobs leftover Leini’s Berrywiess. It was awful.

1 – Eric
2 – Bob
3 – Bryce
4 – Dan
5 – Matt
6 – Scooter P Coletrane
99 – Loddy*

Scott finally showed up to a rehearsal for the first time in about 5 years! I guess this means he’s back in the band.

The power rankings are based on a number of factors, most of which I can’t remember when I’m making them, BUT there are a number of them. Here’s a small sample of the inputs in the complex calculations taking place every week;

– Style. Did the player just randomly push everything he could think of or was there somewhat of an overall strategy?
– Blocking. Did the player put up any kind of defense or was he just hoping to land that combo move?
– Entertainment. Did the player provide the rest of us with an interesting match or was it just a lot of standing around punching?
– Loddy-ing. Did the player use the same move over and over and over again or was there some variability in his overall offense? See also, style.
– Finishing. Theres nothing more satisfying than the face biting finish move, or the dirt murder. Did the player finish the match strong or was just a business as usual crotch kick?

So you see, its not just about winning and losing. Its about impressing me, Bryce, the guy who Bob bugs every Thursday morning to write this.

Did you know we also play in a band?

*Has a calendar at work, on his phone, on his computer and on his Facebook, but can’t remember what day it is.

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