Power thingy, 10/24/2013

This week’s power rankings sponsored by Guinness and Miller Lite.

With the stakes raised and a Vikings uniform on the line, most competitors embraced Best of Two with extra Gusto this week.

Bob and Eric has some epic battles with the ending #1 ranking not being determined until the final match of the night

Matt channeled his inner rage like only mat can.

Darlig actually managed to win a fight without knowing which character he was. That’s worthy of some form of special recognition

Loddy? I’d say Loddy tried, but that would be giving him an awful lot of credit he didn’t earn.

Rankings are as follows:

#1 (Quarterback) – Bob
#2 (Extra Wide Receiver) – E-rock
#3 (Left Wing) – Mad mad mad mad Matty Bertrandy
#4 (Fluffer) – Loddy
#5 (Goalie) – Darrrrrrrghlig
#6 (Mascot) – An Empty Chair
#7 (Failhammer) – Bryce “I forgot I had to do… a… thing” Blylie

More tracks going down for the album next week.

Big ska show at the Memory Lanes tomorrow night – Umbrella Bed, Drunk History, The Thundertones and Vigilante Superego. Go to it.

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