Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Secondhand Ska Kings are the unofficial ska band of the MN Stars

  AND we are playing the tailgating party before the home opener on April 7th. You(sir, I’m pointing in your direction) should totally go. There’s going to be free Surly beer and then some great Footie in the Metrodome after that. Also, we’re going to play with a backup bass player named “Tank” The tailgating is free to current and… (more…)

Wait, another gig at the Driftwood Char Bar?

  Oh yes. It’s time again once more once, for a gig at the Driftwood CharBar.Nocover, some beers, and skay. Get on up. Saturday March 24 9:30 No Cover. No Milwaukee Best Special Reserve, because it’s utterly horrible beer.